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Who is Who

Anthony Franklin

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Franklin graduated from Montclair State University. He owned his own commercial insurance brokerage since 2001 before selling the business in 2021. Mr. Franklin created complex insurance programs covering everything from school bus fleets to concerts and sporting events. He has designed insurance programs and risk management protocols for construction projects such as the one-billion-dollar capital improvement of the United States Tennis Center in Queens New York.

Mr. Franklin will oversee safety and risk management for Integrated Systems Logistics. In addition, he will work with the President and Chief Operating Officer to structure the Company’s insurance safety programs. Mr. Franklin has also been active in other areas of expertise including real estate investment (buying and renting apartments and warehouses to purchasing land to develop subdivisions of houses and warehouses). Mr. Franklin is deeply involved in charities supporting first responders.

Jacek Kowalczyk​


Mr. Kowalczyk graduated from Silesian University of Management with a Masters in Economics. He has developed his knowledge, skills, and expertise over a career of eighteen years in both new installation, renovation/modification of mechanical systems in automotive plants throughout the world. He has successfully organized and served as a senior member on the teams managing installation projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mr. Kowalczyk spent over two years in the United States managing installation projects at Volkswagen in Tennessee, Mercedes in Alabama, Honda in Ohio, and Tesla in California. During his career, Jacek also served in senior management of multiple projects in Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. Mr. Kowalczyk unique skillset includes not only management expertise, but cost containment, quality control, implementation of safety protocols and involvement in every aspect of a project from bid, negotiation of purchase orders, logistics, equipment rental, staffing and human resources, monitoring progress and deadlines, to commissioning and final successful delivery of the project to the customer. In addition to his native Polish, Mr. Kowalczyk is fluent in conversational and technical English and German.

James McCoole

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. McCoole graduated from Fordham University. He will be the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. In 2009, Mr. McCoole began as a consultant and advisor to a Polish company that makes and installs mechanical systems and equipment for automotive plants. Mr. McCoole went on to become that company’s President and Director of Operations. In this capacity, Mr. McCoole has supervised Polish and American employees working together, beginning in 2009 with the construction of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mr. McCoole has also supervised Polish and American employees in the expansion of the Mercedes Benz Plant in Vance, Alabama; the renovation of the Honda Assembly Plant in Liberty, Ohio; the construction of the paint shop at Tesla in Fremont, California; projects in Assembly Building and Paint Shop at the Tesla Giga Texas Plant; and several other projects in Buffalo, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Reno, Nevada. Mr. McCoole will manage and supervise the training program whereby European workers will train American workers.

Sebastian Tomasik

Vice President and Project Manager

Mr. Tomasik brings a wide scope of experience to our team. Sebastian graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków Poland with a Master of Arts and is an artist by training. That talent and skillset, curiosity, and desire “to fix things” steered Tomasik into the commercial construction industry. For over twenty years, Mr. Tomasik managed the mechanical installation of complex assembly and paint systems with companies such as ABB, BASF, and BOSCH. He has accumulated experience in painting and paint systems, as well as installing and relocating entire production lines.

Mr. Tomasik is deeply invested in PVD technology and developed programs for coating various specific surfaces. He founded his own commercial construction company. Sebastian is fluent in Polish and English.

Alyse Iachio

Finance Manager

Ms. Iachio earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Kean College of New Jersey. She has twenty-five years of experience in accounting, finance, and administration. Ms. Iachio has held a variety of positions from Accounts Payable Clerk to Senior Auditor to Accounting Manager.

Ms. Iachio will provide support to management and be a resource for our employees and independent contractors. She will maintain our company books and records and monitor and maintain our compliance with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations. She will focus on maintaining strong relationships with our customers and vendors. Ms. Iachio will supervise our accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Karolina Tomasik

Marketing Director

Ms. Tomasik earned a Master of Arts from the Academy of Music in Kraków Poland and graduated from the Academy of Young Diplomats in Warsaw Poland with a specialty in Foreign Service. She has been a Production Manager and a Project Manager and President for several foundations.

Ms. Tomasik is President of Innopolis Foundation. As our Marketing Director, Ms. Tomasik will oversee our promotion and advertising efforts to drive sales and build brand awareness. Her responsibilities include developing an overall marketing plan, approving campaigns, and measuring the return on investment of various advertising methods. Ms. Tomasik is fluent in Polish and English.

Maxwell Murdoch

Safety Coordinator

Mr. Murdoch has twenty-nine years of experience in occupational safety and health management and construction and safety prevention. He has multiple Osha certifications and is certified as a PEC Instructor and a First Aid CPR Instructor. In 1994, Mr. Murdoch began as a Safety Director/Representative for Baker Concrete.

Mr. Murdoch has gone on to become the CEO/President of Wild Water Seafood LLC, where he utilized all the safety and risk management knowledge obtained from his years of experience to ensure quality and safety throughout the organization. As Safety Coordinator, Mr. Murdoch will oversee monitoring facilities and processes for adherence to OSHA guidelines by overseeing inspections, recommending corrective measures, and preparing for OSHA safety audits and investigations.

Nichola DeSisto


Ms. DeSisto earned a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from Newbury College with a Certification in the Fundamentals of Personnel Law. She has worked in management with Hyatt Hotels and then as a paralegal for private law firms over twenty-one years.

Ms. DeSisto will handle all our logistics including but not limited to arranging all travel for our personnel between Europe and the United States, hotels and apartments for our employees, transportation to job sites, and will assist management with their daily organizational tasks.